Church’s Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey 2022

The original Church’s Chicken was founded over the street from the notorious Alamo area in San Antonio Texas. Right in 1952, George W. Church began the chain, naming it after himself.

Its name was originally longer than the present Church’s Chicken. Earlier it used to be called Church’s Fried Chicken to Go.

While the café idea has continued as before with the core delicious fried chicken, they have now abbreviated the name by cutting the “To Go” portion, which makes it progressively catchier and more fun.

The café truly just sold chicken its initial 3 years. George realized his chicken was only that impressive. In 1955 they expanded their menu to incorporate fries and jalapenos.

Presently the chain has developed to more than 1,700 locations in 24 countries and gives no indications of easing down.

To keep spreading its chicken message everywhere throughout the world, all it asks of you is to take a simple survey, after you complete the purchase.

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Details about the prize on

Coupon code offer imprinted on your receipt. It could be different based on the area and date.

How to take the

If you want to apply for the survey then you have to go through the online mode. For this, you need to follow all the basic steps mentioned below.

  • Purchase something at a Church’s Chicken area
  • When you get the receipt, you have to keep it with you in a protected spot.
  • Go online to
  • Answer all Church’s Chicken survey questions
  • Spare the validation code you’ll get toward the finish of the survey so you can utilize it to recover the offer imprinted on your receipt at your following visit

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Home page for the survey

The red, white, and orange straightforward Church’s chicken survey landing page guides you to enter your request number, café number, just as the date and time of your visit so as to begin the survey.

Eligibility criteria you should know about

Before you apply for the survey online, you should check out all the information mentioned online. It will help you to confirm that everything is done properly.

  • Should make a Church’s Chicken buy
  • Should keep your receipt with you
  • Should take the online survey to get receipt coupon code
  • Can utilize coupon code to recover the offer imprinted on your receipt
  • Can enter unlimited occasions

Now that you are aware of everything, you can easily apply for the survey. It will help you to stand a chance for winning an amazing reward.

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