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A little rubber shoe company made in 1908 develop to where their shoes were worn by most b-ball players and VIPs by the mid-1900s.

By the 1960s, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars were worn by 90% of all professional and school basketball players.

Most of the star ballplayers wearing the shoes solidified the Converse name in the realm of basketball and the American mind.

VIPs began to get onto the Converse pattern, too, making the shoes significantly progressively well known in the American mind.

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What is the reward for the winner at MyConverseVisit Survey?

The surveyor can win a prize of a $5 Converse Gift Card.

Steps to follow for complete MyConverseVisit Survey

The users can quickly check all the information about the steps to apply online. You won’t face any difficulty when you use the survey online.

  • You should make a buy in-store at a Converse area to be eligible to take the online survey and get the gift card
  • Keep your receipt in the wake of making the buy
  • You have to visit http://www.myconversevisit.com/ to take the survey within seven days of making your in-store buy
  • Answer all survey questions and keep the validation code toward the finish of the survey
  • You should utilize your $5 gift card within 60 days of taking the survey before it lapses

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What are the eligibility criteria for the MyConverseVisit Survey?

Before you apply for the survey online, you should check out all the information mentioned online. It will help you to confirm that everything is done correctly.

  • You should make a buy face to face at a Converse store to be eligible for the survey and gift card coupon
  • You can just utilize the survey code on your receipt one time
  • The survey code lapses seven days after you get your receipt
  • You should redeem the gift card face to face at a Converse store in the US
  • You can’t combine the gift card with some other offer, including the representative discount
  • You cannot use the gift card for cash or apply it to a past buy
  • The gift card lapses 60 days after you take the survey
  • You can just utilize the gift card one time
  • You can’t assume control more than two surveys in a multi-day time frame
  • You can’t take the survey or utilize the gift card for Nike.com or telephone orders

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You can easily follow all the steps mentioned above to apply for the survey. You will surely get a better reward and enjoy the best outcome.

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